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MSA - Millenium Sports Association - MSA Tournament Softball - is an Adult slow-pitch softball association, offering MENS, CO-ED, & SENIORS tournaments, at various So Cal locations.

MSA Softball gives teams the opportunity to compete in Local & State tournaments. No Lead-Offs, No Base Stealing, ample HomeRun limits, and Courtesy Runners, are allowed in all MSA events.

MSA MENS & CO-ED use ASA style rules, 6' to 10' pitching arc, with "strike-zone", NO Mat. All USSSA and ASA approved softball bats are allowed.

MSA SENIORS use SSUSA style rules, 6' to 12' pitching arc, with PLATE & MAT strike-zone. All SENIOR softball Rules are used, including all SSUSA approved softball bats are allowed.

MSA - The Ultimate in Tournament Softball !!!

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